Plenty Of Login Issues

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Plenty Of Login IssuesPlenty of Fish (Plentyoffish),the well-known “free online dating and matchmaking service for singles” website is having difficulties,this afternoon (2.30 P.M PST.) is having database issues,users see a blank page with this message ‘Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)’,when they try to access the website.
That’s the latest news on Plenty Of Fish:Plentyoffish Login Issues.

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    42 Responses to “Plenty Of Login Issues”
    1. Randy Engel says:

      Link showing broken from my end , help Im under lesson101 pass word c1c2c3
      I was online and a trojan cam through will I was chating on site, Help how do I get back on line , My computor started showing everything my fire wall stoped it but locked or disabled your site from me. Thank you

    2. says:

      I have been trying to read my mail can not log on . It keeps throwing me back to the search page what is up.

      • frank smith says:

        i have been going in plenty of fish for a week and now i can” get in please help me username f.S1950 PASS WORD HOTELMANAGER THANKS FRANK SMITH

    3. sharon kurimski says:

      I can not log in to pof why is that

    4. Pearl Klausner says:

      I am unable to log onto Plenty of Fish. I have been using the service for about a month and suddenly I can’t access it and I am told that the server is not working to try again. Please help me out. I am expecting some e-mail.

    5. jackie meyers says:

      why r we having trouble login in?? This is up setting alot of people. Hope u can get it fixed soon!! Thank You!!

    6. solomon says:

      thankz 4 ur conscience for givin free pof online.

    7. solomon says:

      sharon kunmski i hpoe computer is alright. cheers.

    8. solomon says:

      i feel happy cheers

    9. martin luna says:

      I have been trying to log on but keeps sending me back to password I had recently unsubscribe but no where is there resubscribe so keeps sending me back to home page

    10. reina-marie says:

      My friend was previously a member on pof using my computer, now when I try to log into my new account to sign in, it will not let me, the previous username and password keep coming up—-how do I get rid of that please.

      • Jan Lange says:

        The same thing happened to me. My daughter used my computer and then it wouldn’t let me back in. My daughter quit the site and it still comes up with her user name. HELP!

    11. Miss83 says:

      One small quibble: is the side dented in or is that an illusion? ,

    12. FALLliya says:

      I suddenly cannot log in after success for my first two days on your site. Message offered states that my email is unrecognized. I tried offering my email name (username) on your site as well as my regular email. I know my password is correct as well. My password has 7 letters, but when I click the “sign-in” box, other hidden letters seem to be added to my password. It’s all confusing.

    13. FALLliya says:

      Now I tried a different window of “Plenty of Fish” to log-in, and I have been successful. So there is no apparent problem at this point. I guess I had better use this same log-in window from here on out. Thanks.

    14. Fililipino Built says:

      Getting hard time to log in! Whats going on, this sit e starting to piss me off! been trying to log in for the past 4 day, can’t go on!!!!

    15. joy says:

      why cant I login to plentyoffish

    16. Ronald says:

      I am currently fed up with plenty of fish and the people on it. I want to close my account but i can’t get on to the site to do that. my computer will not allow me to login for some reason and it keeps returning with the last person who used the computer’s screen name and not mine, i am not impressed by the attitude of current user’s and persons who can’t laugh at themselves, just plain anoy me.

    17. stan says:

      why can i not login to pof

    18. loveforsun57 says:

      I received a notice that I have a message watiing. I was on the site earlier today as well. The site will NOT let me log in. I tried google and then did the login from that and then it says I am not recognized. YET I have my email noting I have a message waiting. This is frustrating when trying to communicate with a potential interest.
      thank you Please reply and assist…………..

    19. Eric says:

      I already created account/profile. It won’t let me log in.

    20. lydia says:

      i just joinend the site and cannot log in

    21. jimmy4u64128 says:

      i was on fish about 3weeks now it wil not let me get on or will not let me make a new pf as of to day june 12 i still cant get on

    22. jimmy4u64128 says:

      some one tell me how get on it i need a date lol here my e mail

    23. heather dawson says:

      I signed up 1 mo ago and have NEVER BEEN ABLE TO LOGIN!!!!!Its so stupid b/c I get messages saying that I have messages. What gives!!

    24. Kim says:

      I’ve been on Plenty Of Fish for a good while. I can’t log-in. Have the same name and pass word, and nothing. Maybe I should let go, and let God!!!!!

    25. Ronda says:

      Cant bring up the POF page at allnomatterwhat i try….Help!

    26. wendy coleman says:

      when trying to login i get a box come up about security settings and to make sure mycomputer excepts cookies so i have done all that buti still keep getting this box come upand i cant login help

    27. Joy Ross says:

      I have not been able to log in to POF for weeks now it keeps sayng to enter my email so they can send me my password, even though I am pretty sure it is the correct one, and I never get an email back from them with my password?? Grr getting frustrating!

    28. Ness Gray says:

      I think that Plenty of Fish have “plenty of technical issures”, which are not being tended to. They put down basic question, but no solutions. I joined, registered, got logged in once!! The second time, an error appeared…said I used the wrong PW….Ikept puttting what I registered with…then it said retrieve by my emai….which they said wasn`t in their data base, & yet I registered with only that one address. I then register all over again -using the same info, answered all the questions… got in once again… in the morniong. Thought I`d check thesite to see if I oculd get in again… & could not!! So I went to my email box (the one I got the message that thanlks me for registering with the site)-used the link for the box that says..check your email onthe site) (it doesn`t say LOGIN)….& guess what….couldn`t get in again!!!!!!! WHat does it take? -when you answer all the question register twice , & can`t login 3 times. I get the same thing.

    29. Perry says:

      If you are in-appropriate in anyway… you will be kicked off. You will not be told you are kicked off.. you just wont be able to log on again. So… never get to graphic on that site… they are always watching!

    30. jerry stockton says:

      i couldnot log in an it wont give me a new password yet. they wont send me another one. i give my email.

    31. jerry stockton says:

      this is two time they wont let me into my mail my password wont work. under two jeery63 an jerry194.

    32. jerry stockton says:

      i cant deleate my account because i cant use my passwood.

    33. katie7777777 says:

      I can’t log in to get my messages either!!!Guess I got to find another site.

    34. Steve McCready says:

      It sucks not to have easy access to plenty of fish like we used to have.
      One quick login site is all I want

    35. jbkathy says:

      I can not log in

    36. i have tried for almost a week to log in i got lucky once but now it will not reconize my password or user name i leave my email number that they say they will send my new one but so far i have nowt gotten any reply from pof how can i use or change my paa says:

      i am very disapointed in facebook and the way they lied to me about sending me an e-mail with a new passwordso as of now i can not use pof to check my inbox i keep getting e-mail at evow wanting me to go to pof so i have to tell them you won’t let me in and they don’t understand and niether do i henry beghtol

    37. richard leland says:

      why will this not let me sign in it keeps cumming up for my brother as we have the same e-mail

    38. IT'S A TRAP!!! says:


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